Your SIBLING isn´t just your buddy, is your SOULMATE for LIFE”

Did you know that in America, nearly the 80% of children have at least one sibling? The bond siblings have is more as a special gift, a friendship nobody can overcome and a connection only siblings have.

Today is the celebration for siblings unit values. Brothers and sisters are the ones who help you grow with values as: commitment, sharing, justice, goodness, love, respect, selfless and the list goes on and on.

Brothers and sisters become confidents, someone you can trust no matter your situation. They are our role models, counselors, protectors and life teachers. According to sociologist Katherine Conger, “siblings are with us for the whole journey.”





















“Any SUPER-POWER is compared with the one your sibling gives you with their LOVE”


















It´s a MAAJICAL partnership, sisters teach brothers the riddle of girls, and brothers teach sisters the secret of boys, it’s the perfect compliment. So, what are you waiting to hug your brother or sister and tell them how much you love them… Remember, it’s your MAAJICAL compliment.










By: Amalia Uribe












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