We got a meditation for you to visualize your goals!

1. Choose an area of your life, where you have been struggling or would like to experience some transformation.

2. Then imagine the highest possible outcome that you would like to be living in this area. Imagine all this in your third eye chakra.

3. Next, connect with the feeling that you want to experience at the moment you achieve your goal, and above all, write down for what and why do you want to fulfill that dream.















We’re REAL MERMAIDS but most of all, we’re DREAMERS”

4. Now create a picture or movie in your mind as if you have completed your dream. Who is there with you? Where are you? What is happening around you?

5. Then, use your breath to energize your dream, take a deep inhale and as you exhale.

6. Once you feel complete, think about the actions you’ll take. You can do a to-do list and then begin with small actions.















“Maintain FOCUS, not just every day, It should be every SECOND!”











Remember that it’s very important to NOURISH DREAMS every day, by watering them with POSITIVE THOUGHTS, fertilizing them with ACTIONS and pruning them from limiting beliefs and above all, to fulfill them with LOVE.



Here´s a special meditation for this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J11_JxqSJlE

By: Daniela Ballesteros

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