Inspiring women EMPOWER THE WORLD

Maaji, a brand born in 2000 by two inspiring and motivational sisters with the vision of Maajiness. Manuela and Amalia created a brand that is now well known all around the world. In the process they found inspiration in the sea-one of earth´s greatest treasure- they focused in the water and the mile around it.


Nowadays Maaji is a brand by women for women. 70% of its employees are female, and one of its main goals is to inspire every woman to embrace her free soul. Everyday, they work hard to create new pieces that empower mothers, sisters, wives, aunts, and every women who wears Maaji.













Maaji´s #RealMermaids are both its customers and its employees, who are passionate, cheerful, adventurous, and love Maajiling the world. They aspire to transmit confidence and authenticity to all women. #RealMermaids are warriors, and they believe in friendship and that life is better when shared.


So, are you a #RealMermaid? If yes, prepare yourself to inspire women to empower the world!













By: Amalia Uribe

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