Sometimes you just click and you feel the connection.

The conversation goes on, to here from there.

Taking paths you never imagined.

And all of a sudden you realize all the time that has passed,

All the moments that you have shared,

The laughter, cries, fears, and dreams.

Always constant energy flowing in the right direction, for you to call this special human being YOUR BEST FRIEND.



      a TRUE friend is from the one, you LEARN how to be a real FRIEND”

A chosen sibling

A shoulder to cry on

A partner in crime

An advocate for your dreams

A role model

A counselor

And the voice of conscience in your head an your heart.


Let’s live this day with love, joy and a lot of gratitude for your best friend because without them life wouldn’t be as fun, as happy and as magical as it is.

And remember that no matter time and distance, they will always be there.



Cheers for the incredible journey that we get to share with them.

With our best best friend.  


By: Tatiana Sepulveda



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